"La Boutique du Mas de Boudan" by Jérôme Nutile  

Jérôme Nutile Shop's at Nimes in Gard Local Products

Exceptional products

" As I tried to show in the last article, the product is at the centre of the plate and should be accorded great attention.

Therefore, it is normal for a Chef to look for quality products in order to offer quality cuisine.

We spend our time tasting and comparing and, ultimately, we felt that it was important for us to be able to share the fruit of our encounters and discoveries: this is how the Mas de Boudan's shop came into being.

All these products (most of which we either use in our restaurants or at the hotel) have been selected according to their quality and their geographic origin.

They are broken down into two categories.

We gave pride of place to those from our local region, such as our star product, olive oil made with pitcholine olives (also called "Petite Reine du Gard"), some exceptional condiments (such as saffron from Uzés), vinegars and, of course, local wines, such as Carthagène, the emblematic product of Languedoc.

But we also wanted to promote other exceptional products from elsewhere, such as our "Harney & Sons" Tea Range (tasted and approved by the Queen of England) and Alain Milliat fruit juices from Palermo or Burgundy.

The idea is to offer our restaurant or hotel guests the chance to bring a little piece of the "Mas de Boudan" back home with them, so that their journey can continue...

And, for that matter, I forgot, what would a souvenir shop be without the pens and tea towels in the effigy of our restaurant!

I regulary offer cooking lessons, the idea is to create recipes from products available at our boutique: a great way to discover the richness of our region! " - Chef Jerome Nutile

Discover our boutique Online to offer to your beloved friends or family a unique experience at our restaurants or at our hotel in Nîmes !


Jérôme Nutile Shop's at Nimes in Gard Local Products