Jérôme Nutile Gastronomic Restaurant at Nîmes in Gard (30) 

Jérôme Nutile, a culinary universe
with two restaurants and a charming hotel in Nîmes.

Jérôme Nutile Gastronomic Restaurant at Nîmes in Gard (30) 

A place devoted to gastronomy and conviviality

The Best Craftsman of France 2011, the Chef Jérôme Nutile invites you to discover his culinary universe.

The Chef wishes to offer bistro cuisine at the Bistr’AU, as well as gastronomic cuisine at the Restaurant, in order to express different aspects of his profession: with a more relaxed and gourmet spirit on one side and a more sophisticated, not to mention, authentic, offering on the other side!

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Jérôme Nutile Gastronomic Restaurant at Nîmes in Gard (30) 

The Bistr’AU offers delicious cuisine

The Bistr’AU opened its doors on 1 December 2014.

It is our pleasure to offer you the chance to discover skilful balanced cuisine which brings the most out of market products.

Savour the simple dishes which are as beautiful as they are delicious.

Book by telephone on +33466406565

The gastronomic restaurant serves "haute couture" dishes

The gastronomic restaurant opened its doors on 2 March 2015! 

It offers an elegant and refined seasonal cuisine prepared with fresh produce.

The Chef Jérôme Nutile expresses his art in your dishes in order to treat you to a culinary odyssey worthy of a Best Craftsman of France.

Book by phone on +33466406565

Le Mas de Boudan, a charming hotel

The Mas de Boudan has a magical, sumptuous and genuinely warm feel.

The establishment has been restored in accordance with the authenticity and spirit of the building.

After a delicious meal at one of the two gourmet establishments belonging to the Chef Jérôme Nutile, gourmets will be able to fully appreciate this new address in Nîmes (Southern France).

Four bedrooms upstairs from the restaurant, and a room available for hire for your private or professional events.

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Bistr'AU Gastronomic Bistro in Nimes Jérôme Nutile 

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